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Proctor's Positive Pipeline
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Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

October is a great month! We have so many activities filled with fun learning and student engagement with weather changing outside at Romine Elementary School. We have many plans such as a Romine Elementary School Basketball Teams for boys and girls in grades 4 and 5. We will have cheerleaders too! This is a great way to encourage romine spirit and good behavior. If we represent Romine, we need good positive behavior in that representation. Romine will be having our Annual Flu Clinic for students and families, Parent-Teacher conferences, first 9-Week Report Cards going home and Fall Pictures with Wingard at the end of the month.

As the weather proceeds to get cooler, please make sure students have jackets to wear and socks on their feet. We also want to encourage all students to wash their hands regularly due to sniffs and coughs continuing to increase.

Principle #2 for the Energy Bus Leadership Journey for the month of October is CREATE A POSITIVE VISION. What we think about, we attract. What we think about expands and grows. What we put our energy and attention on starts to show more in our life and in our work. And the energy we project through our thoughts is the energy we received. Go out there and make each activity, moment of interaction, discussion with your home.....a positive one.

Relationships are important. Among the many roles that parents have, a critical one for children is providing the consistent, trusting predictability to feel safe. This helps manage student stress on many levels. It provides the safe emotional and physical environment that kids need for learning. It can also provide mentorship, guidance, and support. let's all work together to build a great relationship with each other to help all of the stakeholders at Romine Elementary School.

Please welcome the following people to Romine Elementary School Staff:

Nona Whittaker, GT Specialist
Mary Harris, Paraprofessional
Melissa Lawson, PreK Paraprofessional
Tyesha Liggins, PreK Paraprofessional
Alice Cook, 4th Grade Teacher
Trevor Wine, PE Teacher
Carla Long, 1st Grade Teacher

Happy Fall Y'all!!


Suzanne Ray Proctor, Romine Elementary Principal
501-447-6300/02 school/office
501-516-7611 cell
501-447-6301 fax